Synopsis: A drama teacher in an urban university decides to take a topical approach to Shakespeare’s comedy classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and set it in Kuwait. And to make things interesting, he packs the cast with a rainbow of incompatibles: Moslems, fundamentalist Christians, out gays, homophobes, Orthodox Jews, and he lets ‘em rip!

Under the tenure gun to make the show a success and with a cast more and more on the brink of implosion or explosion, he takes them out to the park to rehearse. Out there, mysterious Dionysian forces enter into the “process” as the cast starts acting out of character, and the rehearsal goes haywire.

This is a social satire on American values and the cult of Shakespeare

A To and Fro Production | Directed by David Willinger & Cedric Hill | Screenplay by David Willinger | Produced by Cedric Hill & Kirk Johnson with David Willinger | Director of Photography Nick Hahn | Edited by Jon Jorgensen | Music by David Varga
Starring John Augustine | Running Time: One hour and twenty minutes